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Your Satisfaction, Our Commitment

When you choose Sheepskin SA, you're not just buying a pair of slippers; you're investing in some of the best that South Africa has to offer. We pride ourselves on a commitment to excellence, working exclusively with the finest materials while also promoting industry and job creation in our country’s economy.

Our dedication to quality is reflected in every step of the process, from the initial design concept to the final manufacturing stages.

Our production team collaborates seamlessly, investing their extensive expertise in ensuring each slipper is made
to the same high standard as the original handmade pair crafted by Hazel’s mom, Margie Hoole more than 25 years ago.

“Our promise guarantees that only the finest 1st-grade genuine sheepskin is used in all of our products. No synthetic, faux, or cheap 'wool' is ever used.” – Hazel Hoole, Founder.

Cozy Comfort in Quantity

We offer our most popular colours, styles and fastest selling sheepskin slippers to resellers.

These are the Cosy Shepherd range in stone and charcoal, as well as our Margie's Comfies in light grey.

The Answers To Your Questions

Which styles and colours are available for wholesale?

Our most popular styles, colours and fastest selling slippers and available for wholesale:

* Cosy Shepherd in stone

* Cosy Shepherd in charcoal

* Margie's Comfies in light grey

What are the Cosy Shepherd slippers made of?

Inner & Collar: 100% genuine 1st-grade sheepskin

Outer: 100% genuine bovine suede

Binding: Robust polyester

Sole: EVA rubber textured wedge sole for grip, durability and comfort. The gradient is 6mm at the toe and 12mm at the heel.

What are the Margie's Comfies slippers made of?

Inner, Upper & Collar: 100% genuine 1st-grade SA merino sheepskin

Sole: 4mm wide, textured, flexible, light weight, EVA rubber sole

Stitiching: Wax chord

Handcrafted: By skilled local artisans

What is the minimum order?

20 pairs

How does the sizing work?

Unisex size 4 -14 based on UK sizing.

Ideally, your sheepskin slippers should match your regular shoe size. Expect a snug fit to begin with knowing that it will ease as the wool settles and the leather gently adjusts to the contours of your feet.

Do you offer a manufacturing guarantee?

Yes. Our manufacturing guarantee is valid for 6 months from date of purchase.

What is the lead time?

Lead time is subject to the order quantity and manufacturing availability.

At the moment, we can pretty much start manufacturing as soon as the order has been settled.

Can I get a sample?

Yes. This is for the reseller's account.

When should I order?

To ensure sufficient manufacturing lead time it is advisable to place your order during summer or early autumn, although we can accommodate orders all year round.

Who pays for shipping?

Shipping is for the reseller’s account.

What is the pricing structure?

  • Because material pricing fluctuates, please contact Hazel via the form below so that accurate pricing can be shared with you.
  • Pricing excludes packaging.
  • An upfront deposit will be required to secure the order.

What's the recommended retail price?

That's up to you.

Where can I resell slippers?

Slippers may only be sold in physical shops and at pre-approved markets. No online reselling is permitted.

Can I resell online?

No. This is strictly forbidden.

Do you offer consignment?

Afraid not.

Where are the slippers made?

Our slippers are all proudly made in South Africa.

Our team draws on decades of experience in the footwear industry to manufacture some of the best quality slippers that SA has to offer.

Do you offer Corporate Branding?

Nope, not yet available.

Are export options available?

Yes. All export to be arranged by the reseller.

Let's chat about these details.

Did you know that genuine sheepskin has many benefits?

You’ll be amazed to discover that genuine sheepskin has so many well-being, comfort, environmental and other benefits over its cheaper synthetic competitors.

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"We consider our resellers to be a valued part of our team" - Hazel Hoole

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