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Sheepskin Slippers SA

Margie's Comfies | Light Grey | Handcrafted

Margie's Comfies | Light Grey | Handcrafted

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''It's like walking on a cloud'' is how most customers describe our popular handcrafted Margie's Comfies range. Whether you are padding around home, or simply relaxing after a long day, these slippers are perfect for everyday use.

* Handcrafted by local artisans
* Top quality 1st-grade genuine sheepskin inners
* Genuine sheepskin leather outers
* The signature zig-zag wax chord stitching provides extra strength and a distinctive design
* Light weight EVA flexible rubber sole with firm grip and durability

“No fake, faux, or synthetic sheepskin or wool will ever be used in our range. This is our promise!” Hazel Hoole, Founder


100% genuine 1st-grade South African merino sheepskin with thick wool for extra comfort & warmth.

The textured, flexible, EVA rubber sole is 4mm wide.

These light weight soles create a barrier between your feet and chilly floors, prevent slippage, are durable, crack resistent, waterproof and ok for light outdoor use.

The signature cross stitching is done by hand with a neutral colour wax chord providing extra strength and a distinctive design.

Colour Options

Light Grey / White

Due to the natural tanning & skinning process, the colour of the hides can vary in shade slightly and there may be minor imperfections on the hide. This is very common in natural products.

The stitching is either done with a black, dark brown, tan, grey or white colour wax chord.

We do not generally offer an option on this as we do not have stock in each colour in each size all the time so, we prefer to give you an element of surprise when it arrives.


There are many benefits to choosing genuine sheepskin over synthetic fibres.

Genuine sheepskin is:

* Odour Resistant
* Naturally Breathable
* Auto-Thermo Regulated
* Hypo-Allergic (no itches)
* Excellent Insulator
* Durable
* Anti-Static
* Stain, UV, Wrinkle & Fire Resistant
* Washable
* 100% Natural & Biodegradable
* Superior Quality
* Soft on Skin
* Wool fibre varies making each product unique

Fitting Instructions

Sizes are unisex (fits men and woman) and are in line with UK sizing.

Slippers are true to size. Therefore, it's advisable that one orders the same size slipper as what your normal shoe size is.

Slippers should feel snug on your feet at first. This snugness will reduce after a few wears as the wool flattens and leather stretches to fit one’s foot comfortably.

If one wears a half-size (say 6 1/2) then we recommend that one purchases a size up (say 7).

If you live in Johannesburg and would like to pop past River Club, Sandton to fit a pair before purchasing, please contact us to arrange a mutually convenient date/time.


Should there be any manufacturing defaults, we offer 6 months guarantee from date of purchase.


We aim to book the courier on the same day as your order is placed.

Orders are dispatched from Johnannesburg and delivered nationwide at a cost of R95.00 per order.

Delivery takes between 1-5 working days once dispatched depending on where the package is going to. Johannesburg delivery takes about 1 working day.

We do not ship internationally (sorry).

Care Suggestions

Spray the Spotless Dirt Resistor on the outside of the slippers which helps repel liquids, resist stains and add an extra layer of protection to your slippers.

Use the Spotless Cleaning Kit to remove dirt, dust, debris and some stains.


The Margie's Comfies range can be machine or hand washed in cool/tepid water. Any hotter and the product will get damaged.

Gentle liquid detergent is better than granule detergent as the granules sometimes don't dissolve properly and leave a residue.

Air or sun-dry only.

Package Contents

1 x pair of beautifully handcrafted sheepskin slippers presented in a shoe box.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Melisa Fourie
On cloud nine

Outstanding service. Received my slippers and insoles swiftly. Thank you Hazel and team for my cosy slippers, they are of high standard.

Gill Rachman

WOW is the least I can say. I ordered my sheepskin slippers yesterday and they beat me to work this morning (I am in Durban!) Being a cooler day in Durban today they went straight onto my feet and oh my word I AM IN LOVE. They are absolutely beautiful. Needless to say I am soo impressed with Hazel and her team! Thank you so much for your awesome service and craftsmanship. xxx

Sandi Koenig
Great product and amazing service!! 5 stars

I am the proud owner of a pair of sheepskin slippers. They arrived at my doorstep within 30 hours of placing my order. Great product and amazing service!! Thank you SheepskinSlippersSA :-)
5 stars

Laura Erasmus
Excellent service and a truly luxurious slipper!

Excellent service and a truly luxurious slipper! Definitely a must on your Christmas shopping list.

Mishke du Toit

Got a pair for Mothers Day and I havent taken them off. SUPER SOFT AND WARM.
5 stars