What Is The Best Size For You?

Fitting Guidelines

It's advisable that one orders the same size slipper as what your normal shoe size is.

If one wears a half size (say 6 1/2) then it’s recommended that one purchases a size up, so a size 7.

Slippers should feel snug on your feet at first. This snugness will reduce over a short period of time as the wool flattens and leather stretches to fit one’s foot comfortably.


Sizes are unisex (fits men and woman) and in line with UK sizing. 

We offer adult sizes from 4-15. 

Would you like to try on a pair of slippers before you purchase?

Even though our sizing is generally accurate, we understand that deciding what size is correct for you can be a bit perplexing when buying online. To help you make an accurate choice, you are welcome to fit for the correct size before purchasing.

If you are based in Johannesburg and would like to pop by River Club in Sandton to fit a pair of our beautifully crafted sheepskin slippers before purchasing, please contact Hazel to arrange a mutually convenient date/time.