About Sheepskin Slippers SA

Our Story

Making handcrafted sheepskin slippers started on a pineapple farm in the  Eastern Cape, South Africa in 1999, where Founder, Hazel Hoole grew up. What started out as a hobby all those years ago, has become a popular local product which helps support a team of artisans.

Our small team of skilled local artisans, led by Margie Hoole, take a rough merino sheep hide and carefully handcraft each slipper into luxury and comfort. This personal touch and accurate craftmanship makes for many years of wear.

Sheepskin Slippers SA is proud to be one of the very few family owned organisations in the country who still produce 100% handcrafted slippers from genuine leather.

Our Team 

Lwazi Shinta, Khuthazwa Steven, Margie Hoole (Chief Chordwainer), Hazel Hoole (Founder), Sikhanathi

About The Slippers

  • Each slipper is handcrafted out of 100% genuine sheep wool / leather.
  • Each piece of leather is carefully cut with scissors from a pattern, hole punched and neatly cross stitched with a neutral colour wax chord by hand. 
  • The wax chord colours could be white, black, grey, dark or tan brown, depending on what stock is available.
  • Lastly, an EVA  rubber sole is glued to each slipper with precision and care creating a warm and comfortable resting place for your feet.
  • The wool is super soft, warm, comfortable and does not scratch or get dirty too quickly.
  • They can be washed, and last for years when treated with care.
  • We do not use machines to make any part of the slippers, nor is any synthetic fibre used in our products.

    About The Hide

    Sheepskin Slippers SA source only the best 1st grade quality merino sheep hides available from tanneries across South Africa.

    The hides go through a rigorous tanning process that involves washing, combing, dry-cleaning etc to bring them to their natural durability and soft fluffiness.

    Like human hair, sheep wool varies in colour, texture and thickness.  Because of this and the tanning process, slippers will vary, giving them that gorgeous authentic, unique, natural, handcrafted look and feel.