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Sheepskin Slippers SA

Mule | Lavender | Suede | Wool Collar

Mule | Lavender | Suede | Wool Collar

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Our mule sheepskin slippers are a luxurious and comfortable addition to your home footwear collection.

The slipper inners and collar are crafted with the highest quality 1st grade South African merino sheepskin, which envelops your feet in soft, warm, and natural materials. The slipper outer is made of genuine bovine suede with binding for a perfect finish.

These slippers are designed with superior attention to detail, featuring a sturdy EVA rubber sole that ensures a firm grip and long-lasting durability. The woolly interior of the slipper molds perfectly to your feet, providing a highly comfortable and supportive fit that keeps your feet warm and cozy all season long.

The slippers are an easy slip-on design, making them perfect for everyday use. Whether you're padding around the house, lounging on the couch with a good book, or just relaxing after a long day, our sheepskin slippers are the perfect accessory to ensure ultimate warmth, comfort and style.

Our promise guarantees that only 100% genuine sheepskin is used in all our products. No synthetic/fake/cheap "wool" is ever used.


Made of 100% genuine 1st grade South African merino sheepskin leather with thick pure wool for comfort and warmth.

Made of 100% genuine bovine suede.

The EVA rubber wesge sole makes for good durability, is crack resistant with a textured pattern on the bottom which aids in grip to prevent slippage. Each sole width is wide enough to create a barrier between your feet and chilly floors, and is waterproof for light outdoor use.

Colour Options

Lavender / Purple


There are many benefits to choosing genuine sheepskin over synthetic fibres.

Genuine sheepskin is:

* Odour Resistant
(no smelly feet where synthetic fibres can honk)

* Naturally Breathable
(fibres absorb moisture for evaporation)

* Auto-Thermo Regulated
(stays warm in winter & cool in summer)

* Hypo-Allergic (no itches)
* Excellent Insulator
* Durable
* Anti-Static
* Stain, UV, Wrinkle & Fire Resistant
* Spot Cleaned
* 100% Natural & Biodegradable
* Superior Quality
* Soft on Skin
* Wool fibre varies making each product unique

Fitting Instructions

Slippers are unisex (fits men and woman).

Slippers are true to size. Therefore, it's advisable that one orders the same size slipper as what your normal shoe size is.

Slippers should feel snug on your feet at first. This snugness will reduce after a few wears as the wool flattens and leather stretches to fit one’s foot comfortably.

If you live in Joburg and would like to pop by Riverclub, Sandton to fit a pair before purchasing, please contact us to arrange a mutually convenient date/time.


Should there be any manufacturing defaults, we offer 6 months guarantee from date of purchase.


We aim to book the courier on the same day as your order is placed.

Orders are dispatched from Johnannesburg and delivered nationwide at a cost of R95.00 per order.

Delivery takes between 1-5 working days once dispatched depending on where the package is going to. Johannesburg delivery takes about 1 working day.

We do not ship internationally (sorry).

Care Suggestions

* Use a soft bristled brush to gently remove dust, debris or dirt.

* Spot clean wool and suede gently by hand with luke warm water and wool detergent.

* Do not machine or hand wash the whole slipper. One should not wash suede.

* Air or sun-dry only.

Spray the Spotless Dirt Resistor on the outside of the slippers which helps repel liquids, resist stains and add an extra layer of protection to your slippers.

Use the Spotless Cleaning Kit to remove dirt, dust, debris and some stains.

See our Care & Clean Products section for the Spotless cleaning range.

Package Contents

1 x pair of beautifully crafted sheepskin slippers presented in a shoe box.

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Customer Reviews

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My wife is so happy. She says, ''They are simply beautiful looking and fabulously made. Fit like Cinderella's Slipper :-) Am in love. Thanks Hazel and team. xx''