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The end of the year is when we all start thinking about gift sourcing in hyperdrive. The year-end brings many gift-giving celebrations and multiple people on our shopping lists to choose special presents for. As if birthday gifts throughout the year are not hard enough to think of, we need to ramp up our gift brainstorming and bulk buying for the silly season…

As December rolls around, the festivities are firmly in sight and our calendars fill up fast. There are plenty of end-of-year celebrations, the winding down of the school year, work lunches with “Secret Santa” swap gifts and many companies who can spoil their staff with a thank-you gift too.

Recognising employees with the perfect present

Whether people within big corporates or those invaluable team players who work in small businesses, for the lucky employees who are given something of substantial value as a year-end gift, a practical item is always a win. Of the best gifts I’ve seen from a corporate, was when a friend received fancy veldskoens and another was a friend who got one of those elegant wine coolers.
While of course not all employers can give big gifts, for those who can, what better way than to offer a gift or voucher for a pair of soft, genuine sheepskin slippers as a way of saying “Thanks for all the hard work, may you enjoy your holidays and take the time to put your feet up and rest!”.

Teachers deserve the best

In the southern hemisphere, the school year wraps up in December and with it, there are many special teachers and sports coaches to thank. A parent coordinator or classroom representative usually offers to gather donations so that one meaningful gift can be purchased as a memorable item from that year’s class.

My mom, as an art teacher, was once gifted a pair of pale grey/blue sheepskin slippers. She said that this has by far been one of her best class gifts. What a simple and thoughtful gift, whether now if there is still time or to make a note of for a gift idea for next year or even for a teacher’s birthday. If you work out the average cost of a pair of sheepskin slippers is around R950, divided by 20-32 kids in a school class, that is only R29.69-R47.50 per family contribution.

Gifts as a symbol of gratitude

In the USA in the northern hemisphere, while the school year is still in full swing at this time of year, the celebration of Thanksgiving is celebrated on the last Thursday of November. At this moment in time, it is a collective call to pause and be grateful: to appreciate the special people in our lives and the many things we have to be thankful for.

This is ultimately why we buy gifts after all – to show appreciation for our loved ones by choosing something which we know they will value and use. And to show them how much we value them!
Kids. Partners. Family. Parents. Friends who are family. So many special people in our lives!

A gift for each member of the family

For families celebrating Christmas, there are the extended family members to shop for – the aunts, uncles, cousins and beyond. Plus, presents to be sourced for the regulars: a good gift for mom and dad (from the kids, bought by mom or dad), and gifts to the original moms and dads – grandparents. For our loved ones we always think of comfort and quality or things to treasure.

A quality gift shows you care and one that will last until the next Christmas, and beyond.

Whether you are into matching festive outfits or not, or perhaps themed Christmas morning pyjamas, consider Sheepskin Slippers SA as a gift option for the whole family. Maybe in the same colour or choosing a special colour or style for each member of the family. Perhaps ballet pink or deep lavender Cosy Shepherds for mom and navy-blue mules for dad. All styles of Sheepskin Slippers SA products are 100% sheepskin, durable and dashing in design.

Gift ideas for those who have it all

While sheepskin slippers are an obvious option, there are many other products in the genuine sheepskin range that can comfort and show you care. Full-size sheepskins are fabulous for babies, for the elderly and frail and also as the ultimate home accessory over the edge of a couch or chair. They are gorgeous and decadent in terms of their softness. They give the feelings of joy and love.

Quality over quantity during the silly season

The other side about December is that we often get swept up with a sense of needing to spend. That’s why it’s called “silly season spending”. We must catch ourselves before we hit the shopping malls. We need to spend some time thinking about our loved ones and what we want to buy them.

And with the cost of living being so high these days, we can adapt the way we buy gifts: do we continue to buy individual gifts or group together to get one substantial memorable gift? Do we buy lots of small items to make it look like a lot of presents to open or do we give one substantial gift?

Whatever your budget or collective amount, there are quality gifts to consider that keep on giving…

Planning for the new year too

With January around the corner, the quieter weeks after the festive season are a good time to think about plans for the year ahead. What big milestones and birthdays? Any gifts needed for special anniversaries or wedding gifts – give the gift of matching “his and hers” slippers.

Plus of course, February is the month of love. What says I love you more than the gift of genuine sheepskin slippers? Then there is Mother’s Day in May (or March in the UK) and Father’s Day in June. For those of you wanting to buy and send overseas, you can order in South Africa and send them back with any of your overseas visitors while they are out enjoying the summer down south.

So, if you already have your festive year-end gifts all wrapped up, let’s plan for what’s next.

Wise men (and women!) give wise presents

When our brains shift up a gear into what type of perfect presents to buy for our loved ones, we must consider the price range. Too often we spend more than we imagine in buying lots of small items. Instead, let’s get better at planning and buying gifts that keep on giving.

What items are on your gift-giving shopping list
– or personal wish list –
will you buy next?

PS. Orders for last deliveries of the year will be taken by Sheepskin Slippers SA on 13 December 2023. This will ensure that your chosen items are shipped with enough time to get to you for them to be wrapped and placed under your tree!.

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