The Adventures of Hide & Sheep

adventures of hide and sheep


Who Are Hide & Sheep?

We are delighted to introduce you to our two resident fun & funny sheepskin slipper friends.

Hide & Sheep are their names and Adventures are their game!

Their adventure stories from around SA (sometimes further afield) will bring fun, interesting facts, wisdom and laughter home to share with our flock.


sheepskin slippers sa hide and sheep adventures


How Hide & Sheep Met


It was a beautiful, chilly morning in Makhanda (formerly Grahamstown), Eastern Cape, during the National Arts Festival when a local farmer & outa-town city sort sent their coffee’s fountaining all over when they crashed into each other.

‘’Apologies Ma’aaam, I’ve messed on your warm, comfy, thick coat!’’

Hide, didn’t normally go into ''town’’ during Festival for exactly this reason. Just too many colourful types about who’d nab his regular parking spot, disrupting his quiet routine which just made him grumble even more than usual.

Meh, ‘’Don’t worry about this old coat! It’s merino wool! Tough as old leather! Had it forever and nothing a wash can’t fix!, bleated Sheep as she brushed off the coffee.

Sheep, being the friendly ray of sunshine she is, offered Hide her arm and they pranced into their first adventure together.


sheepskin slippers sa hide


Meet Hide...

Being on the wiser side of age, Hide has learnt to appreciate nature, outdoors, sport, long walks on the beach and quiet. He's more of a grumbler than a talker, with a sense of humour that makes up for both! As a dependable twee-taalige farmer, his practical skills come in handy on their travels. He mumbles directions (likes to call himself a cartographer) and grumbles at potholes, fuel prices and topical subjects throughout their travels.


sheepskin slippers sa sheep


Meet Sheep...

This youthful sassy, sociable, creative, city type loves an adventure and is always planning an interesting trip. Her colourful approach, chirp, cheer and positive energy gains her many friends who sometimes join in on adventures! You’ll find a trail of flowers scattered along the path she’s travelled as she dances through the day to her favourite music.


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They are always up to something funny and fun! 

The Great Kenton Wine Festival with Creation Wines The Great Kenton Wine Festival with Bushmanspad Estate

 Arriving in their lambrovers, friendsheeps in search of cabaaarnet ewenited in wine baaar’s which had popped up across Kenton.

​Hooked On Fishing Adventure

Finding a quiet corner to ''teach worms to swim'', is one of Hide's favourite ways to mullet over the week and rid himself of his grumps.