Fitting, Sizes & Washing Instructions


It's advisable that one orders the same size slipper as what your normal shoe size is.

If one wears a half size (say 6 1/2) then it’s recommended that one purchases a size up, so a size 7.

Slippers should feel snug on your feet at first. This snugness will reduce over a short period of time as the pile flattens and leather stretches to fit one’s foot comfortably.


Sizes are unisex and in line with UK sizing. 

We offer adult sizes from 1-14. 

Washing Instructions

Slippers can be machine or hand washed gently in cool/tepid water then air/sun dried. Any hotter and the product will get damaged. Liquid detergent is better than granule detergent as the granules sometimes don't dissolve properly and leave residue in the fluff.